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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"Funny thing: I keep hearing that from the far ends of both sides. 'We want out country back.' Where's it go? If neither side has it, then who took it? Guess what? I did. Me and my big white ancestors. We came rolling in and took it from the people who were here in the first place. And right after we did that, we kidnapped people from Africa to help us build it. And now we're all worried that karma's coming back to bite us on the keister. So we got to fight back because otherwise a hundred years from now, we might be the ones living in reservations and dying of small pox. We can do that. Keep everyone we're afraid of out. Send intruders back where they came from... or maybe put 'em in camps like in World War II, 'cause we're afraid they're terrorists. Or maybe... and it's a crazy idea, I know... maybe we can stop treating everybody like they're the damned enemy." - J. Jonah Jameson

"Says the guy who hates super heroes." - Anti immigrant protestor

"Says the guy who believes that actions have consequences and that there's rules of laws that should protect everyone... even the people we don't like... people who, if you disagree with them, they're not traitors, and if they're new here, maybe they deserve the kind of break we didn't give others. Now: you want to argue facts and figures and impact on the economy? Let's dance. But if you just wanna throw fear and dimwitted slogans at me? Then get out of the way 'cause you're wasting my time." - J. Jonah Jameson

- by Peter David, X-Factor # 217


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