Some Quotes to Share and Communicate...

My favorite quotes to share with as many people as I can, for many reasons.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Escape from Leprauchpolis - "He told me to get in the freezer cuz he said there was a carnival in there. There wasn't no carnival, it was a damn freezer. I got freezer burn and i got mushed up against that chicken."

Friday, May 14, 2004

The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving - "He looked like a boy who knew how to drink without getting sick. He had the darkest, brightest eyes, and whenever you looked at him you were sure he'd just been looking at you - but you could never catch him."
Teddy by J.D. Salinger - " 'But doctors talk about cells as if they had such unlimited importance all by themselves. As if they didn't really belong to the person that has them... I grew my own body... Nobody else did it for me. So if I grew it, I must have known how to grow it. Unconsciously, at least. I may have lost the conscious knowledge of how to grow it sometime in the last few hundred thousand years, but the knowledge is still there, because - obviously - I've used it... It would take quite a lot of meditation and emptying out to get the whole thing back - I mean the conscious knowledge - but you could do it if you wanted to. If you opened up wide enough.' "

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Teddy by J.D. Salinger - " 'What would you do if you could change the educational system?' he asked ambiguously... 'I know I'm pretty sure I wouldn't start with the things schools usually start with... I think I'd first just assemble all the children together and show them how to meditate. I'd try to show them how to find out who they are, not just what their names are and things like that... I guess, even before that, I'd get them to empty everything their parents and everybody ever told them. I mean even if their parents just told them an elephant's big, I'd make them empty that out. An elephant's only big when it's next to something else - a dog or a lady, for example... I wouldn't even tell them an elephant has a trunk. I might show them an elephant, if I had one handy, but I'd let them just walk up to the elephant not knowing anything more about it than the elephant knew about them. The same thing with grass, and other things. I wouldn't even tell them grass is green. Colors are only names. I mean if you tell them the grass is green, it makes them start expecting the grass to look a certain way - your way - instead of some other way that may be just as good, and maybe much better... I don't know. I'd just make them vomit up every bit of the apple their parents and everybody made them take a bite out of.' 'There's no risk you'd be raising a little generation of ignoramuses?' 'Why? They wouldn't any more be ignoramuses than an elephant is. Or a bird is. Or a tree is... Just because something is a certain way, instead of just behaves a certain way, doesn't mean it's an ignoramus.' "
Teddy by J.D. Salinger - " 'It's so silly,' he said. 'All you do is get the heck out of your body when you die. My gosh, everybody's done it thousands and thousands of times. Just because they don't remember it doesn't mean they haven't done it. It's so silly.' "
Teddy by J.D. Salinger - " 'Everybody just thinks things keep stopping off somewhere. They don't... The reason things seem to stop off somewhere is because that's the only way most people know how to look at things,' he said. 'But that doesn't mean they do.' "
Teddy by J.D. Salinger - " 'After I go out this door, I may only exist in the minds of my acquaintances,' he said. 'I may be an orange peel.' "

Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Fellowship Of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien - "They are fair garments, and the web is good, for it was made in this land... Leaf and branch, water and stone: they have the hue and beauty of all these things under the twilight... that we love; for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make."
The Fellowship Of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien - "Now these folk aren't wanderers or homeless, and seem a bit nearer to the likes of us: they seem to belong here... whether they've made the land, or the land's made them, it's hard to say, if you take my meaning. It's wonderfully quiet here. Nothing seems to be going on, and nobody seems to want it to. If there's any magic about, it's right down deep, where I can't lay my hands on it, in a manner of speaking... You can see and feel it everywhere... you can't see nobody working it."
The Fellowship Of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien - "... he laid his hand upon the tree beside the ladder: never before had he been so suddenly and keenly aware of the feel and texture of a tree's skin and of the life within it. He felt a delight in wood and the touch of it, neither as forester nor as carpenter; it was the delight of the living tree itself."
The Fellowship Of The Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien - "Indeed in nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides those who still oppose him."