Some Quotes to Share and Communicate...

My favorite quotes to share with as many people as I can, for many reasons.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"We were told that marijuana would lead to monster babies, and LSD would make you stare at the sun until your eyeballs melted, and a lot of people in my generation, when they found out that those things weren't true, went on to assume that heroin would turn out to be harmless as well, which of course it definitely isn't. Whether drugs are legal or illegal makes absolutely no difference to how dangerous they are." - Alan Moore

"You're talking hundreds of millions of dollars of which it recouped next to nothing. And this is in a world that is falling to bits... Dopey films that are just meant to fill another couple of hours of some over-privileged Western teenager's large empty existence... Can we afford to do films anymore? I know we still will, whether we can afford to or not." - Alan Moore

"I love some American people, but I've got to say that as a nation... they want to grow up. Yes, it was terrible what happened to the Twin Towers, but in the rest of the world we've all been having the shit bombed out of us since Guernica. Digging people out of rubble is kind of business as usual everywhere in the world apart from America." - Alan Moore

"If I write a crappy comic book, it doesn't cost the budget of an emergent Third World nation." - Alan Moore on Hollywood